Matthew James
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Looking back at the more than 25 years that there has been a Cello, the endeavor has always had the same motto,

"The justification for a great music system is the same as for a great instrument: It makes possible a musical experience that cannot be duplicated by lesser means"



 The Cello product line is quite simple: one preamplifier, one power amplifier and one power supply. However, there is a great deal of flexibility possible.

The Chorale preamp can be delivered with, or without, a phono stage and can be configured as a microphone preamp for professional recording. The Encore amp can be configured in either a stereo or mono version. A single Master power supply can provide power to either a Chorale preamp or Encore amp individually, or provide power to both a Chorale and an Encore stereo amp simultaneously.


Chorale Preamplifier


Encore Amplifier


Cello Integrated Amplifier


Encore Mono Amplifier