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Looking back at the more than 25 years that there has been a Cello, the endeavor has always had the same motto,

"The justification for a great music system is the same as for a great instrument: It makes possible a musical experience that cannot be duplicated by lesser means"


Encore Mono Amplifier

The Encore amplifier can be bridged, resulting in a mono amplifier with 4 times the power capabilities of the stereo version. The Encore mono is a no compromise design, combining musical clarity, sonic refinement and power. (Read reviews)

The Encore mono achieves ultra-low distortion into any load, exceptional bass control, natural tonal quality and the power to drive any speaker to its maximum impact and dynamic potential. It is the ultimate power amplifier ever produced under the Cello brand.

Bridging is accomplished internally for both maximum performance and so that the user is presented with a very simple connection. (See owner's manuals)