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Looking back at the more than 25 years that there has been a Cello, the endeavor has always had the same motto,

"The justification for a great music system is the same as for a great instrument: It makes possible a musical experience that cannot be duplicated by lesser means"


Cello Integrated Amplifier

A stereo Encore amplifier and a Chorale preamplifier can be powered by a single Master power supply providing state of the art performance at a price seldom associated with such a performance level. (Read reviews)

Rated at 125w/ch @8ohms the stereo Cello Encore amplifier incorporates a number of engineering advances which allow high performance in a compact and efficient design, providing a practical and appealing product for inclusion in music systems of the highest quality. The circuitry is exceptionally stable and can be used with speakers which present loads as low as 1ohm. 
(See owner's manual)

The Chorale has a total of six inputs including phono, a balanced line input, and four single-ended line inputs. It contains a total of ten audio amplifiers, and four power supply regulators in addition to an external power supply. 

Four (4) single-ended, line level stereo inputs, all with a 1 MegOhms input impedance, with very small amounts of capacitance in parallel for RF filtering and circuit compensation, are provided. The 1 MegOhms input buffer amplifiers allow all line level sources to perform with the lowest distortion, maximum clarity and depth of imaging. These buffer amplifiers, which accept the signal from the input selector and drive the Monitor control switch, prevent recorders or processors, connected to the Chorale’s fixed outputs, from adversely affecting the performance of line level sources.

The gain and input impedance of the phono section are programmable to accommodate any cartridge. Phono performance is advanced since the RIAA circuitry is buffered from all loading by the 1MegOhms buffer amps. The Chorale may be ordered with or without phono section activated.

There are two sets of single-ended outputs (RCA-type) and one set of balanced outputs (XLR-type) controlled by the 59-position volume control in 1dB steps. The balanced output contains four individual, discrete amplifiers for the plus and minus signals for each channel, providing Class A, symmetrical output to drive the power amplifier’s balanced inputs.

An important part of the Cello philosophy is found in the physical separation of the power supply from the active circuitry of either the preamplifier or the amplifier. The external Master power supply includes a mu-metal shielded transformer and an initial stage of regulation. The DC signal is again regulated within the Chorale with individual regulators for the + and – portions of both the input and output sections. Precision 10 turn trimpots allow exact calibration of tracking voltages. DC voltages are transported from the Master to the Chorale and Encore via substantial, teflon shielded, copper cables terminated with a heavy duty connector at the Chorale and with substantial copper/rhodium spades at the Master and Encore.